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Skyline Fragments

Fire Escape (feat. Joanie B)

An album cover for the album Bluemirror by the band Elevator Five

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Started out of a music technology lab at UMass Amherst in
2016, Elevator Five is an indie/electronic project headed by
Will Simms, who now records and produces most of the

music in the spare bedroom of his Dayton, Ohio home. When
recording, Will is often joined by New England-based

collaborators Matt Storie (guitar) and Brett Simms
(Vocals, Keyboards), David Kwiatkowski (drums, percussion),
Erica Risti (vocals, keys, sax), and Andy Hui (live bass)

Our new album, "Bluemirror", is out on all major
streaming platforms May 19, including the singles
"Skyline Fragments" and "Fire Escape". The album was
recorded over the course of six years in various home studios,
hotel rooms, and classrooms, in locales such as Maine,
California, and Canada. 

We plan on releasing quite a bit of new music in the near future,
and are currently planning live dates for summer 2024 across
the Northeast and Midwest.



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